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The Plot

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The Plot Empty The Plot

Post by Noella on Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:42 am

In the early years of Canin, there was peace. The seasons came and went under the watch of Mother Nature herself. She would oversee the new births in the spring, the abundance of summer, the leaves change color in the fall and snow powder the land in winter. The cycle would turn again and she would see the same thing each year. The only thing she didn't look forward to was the Turn of Winter to Spring.

Fenrir wasted most of his time overseeing the Underworld. Like the relationship of Zues and Hades, Mother Nature and Fenrir did not see eye to eye. Fenrir would taunt Mother Nature in fear that the world would come to an end at his hand. He would plaque the world with his followers he called Wraiths and hunt for those who were about to be deceased. Of course the upset the Lady of Life as some of the Wraiths would take souls before their Time. Fenrir simply wanted control, but he would tell Mother Nature that he would make peace with her by the creation of The Guardians.

Mother Nature and Fenrir came together at the place later to known by the Guardians as The Five Oaks and struck a deal that Fenrir would make provide five souls who would watch over the four seasons and the entrance to the Underworld. Mother Nature-gullable as she was-agreed. Fenrir, however, had a dark plot. Rather than fulfill her wish, Fenrir filled each vessel with a piece of his own soul. These souls were shaded and wrapped in all the cruelty and darkness the Lord of the Underworld could muster into them; the very essence of his power.

In addition to the black souls, Fenrir decreed that each serve Gods of his own affiliation instead of Mother Nature. The Gods of greed and power... Sköll and Hati, brothers and sons of Fenrir; Warg, the one who serves others; Geri and Freki, twin brothers Masters of slavery.

Because most of the Gods he had chosen were images of himself, Fenrir never guessed at first that his sons sought his father's thrown. The sons fought their own civil war amongst each other over possession of their fathers thrown, despite alliances against their father. Warg served under the Twins. They promised him riches and power. Compared to the other Gods, Geri and Freki were outcast for their difference of lineage and therefore sought vengeance against Fenrir and his sons with the help of Warg. All for for greed and power….

Upon completion of the Guadians, Mother Naure caught on to the Dark Lords plan. Furious, she called for war against her rival: Wraiths vs Spirits. Not only was war in the Heavens, but also below in the world of Canin.

Because of their relations in blood, the Guadians knew they were related. They came together of Five Oaks each year at the Turn of Winter to Spring. Their relation to Fenrir made the Guadians bitter to one another, but none sought to overtake the other. They followed the rules of the Seasons and exchanged news of their own seasons, plentiful food or not in the summer, droughts in fall, heavy rains in the Springs or hard winters. It was balanced. Along with Fenrirs lust for power and greed, however, the Guadians were easily seduced by word of mouth which led to a chain of events that would throw Canin into a world of chaos.

During Fenrirs confrontation with Mother Nature, Geri and Freki would set events in motion that would change the cycle of nature for years to come. The Guadians had a hornets nest where their heart should have been. Easily advised by Geri and Freki, the outcasts of the Heavens, began their assault of revenge against Fenrir. It began with twisted words that turned Morgrim, the youngest of the Guardians against his siblings. He thrust his followers into battle. Under Geri and Frekis influence, Morgrim was granted power to throw the world into an everlasting frozen wasteland. Sköll and Hati were furious while Warg kept his allegiance to Geri and Freki, enslaving war prisoners against their kin. Above, Fenrir saw that his plan was in action. After all, he was the God of Destruction.

His carelessness cost him the war. Mother Nature used the opening granted to her wisely. While Fenrir watched as Geri and Freki twisted their Guardian into madness and greed, the Lady of Life began her own plan to bring things back into balance. She went to each Guardian and replaced the Hornets nest with a beating heart. At the same time, Warg, Sköll and Hati had waged war on Fenrir for power and control. Each Guardian now had a soul, but she knew it was temporary. Fenrir wounded Mother Nature and she didn't have much time.

She turned the Guadians against their brother using the power the hearts in the chest permeated into their bodies. She gave them each the power of the Elements and magic. Despite their pasts, the siblings joined forces and pushed back at Morgrim with such force, that Mother Nature snatched what is later to be known by the Guardians as Winters Shard and placed it into the Tree of Souls with a spell only the Guadians together could break. The war was over.

By the time Fenrir realized what Mother Nature had done, it was too late and the Lady had vanished, weak and vulnerable from the war. The souls of the Guardians faded but left her Mark on them as a reminder of the events that happened so long ago. The Mark itself was a curse for a dark soul, leaving them ageless but not Immortal. Fenrir vowed then to search for Mother Nature 1and search for any means necessary to defeat her and bring about the end of Canin as he saw it.

Five hundred years later…

The Fenrir and his kin still raged against each other for power. Fenrir searched the lands of Canin for years in order to find the Lady of Life. His Wraiths roamed the lands, searching, hunting. Alas...she had chosen her hiding place well.

Deep underground, Mother Nature had build a safe haven for those who sought to fight against those who served the darkness about. Mother Nature created a sixth Guardian whom she named Akeyna who she named the leader of an organization known to all Guadians as Akeynas Rebellian. Mother Nature organized the missions to move against the four packs in Canin, gave them magic and power of the elements, making it all a fair fight. Fenrir didn't know the location of Akeynas Rebellion. Akeyna didn't own any land above the maze of tunnels she was born in. Both sides had an advantage.

The war of Canin continues...

OOC : Noella
MS : 156
Health : 200

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