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Dueling Guide

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Dueling Guide Empty Dueling Guide

Post by Noella on Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:48 pm

Setting up a Duel:
Setting up a Duel
Duel requests are a one 2-step process. The challenger must fill out a form in a new topic with the title "Person vs Person". This is the same process no matter the reason for the duel. Guild Battles have a similar process but their form is elsewhere. Once the form is submitted then the challenged can either accept or decline the request. If they accept, they must do so in the RP and provide a link to the acceptance as proof via reply on the duel topic.

Note: If the Duel is instigated by foul play, or a physical attack that results in a duel, it counts as an acceptance.

If the duel is accepted, both parties will roll the fate dice in the location of the duel request topic to see who will have first attack within the duel. If an attack has been done outside the duel, it doesn't count, but is considered a warning. If you do want the hit to count as a way for your initiate roll, roll the dice (Attack and Fate) as you make the post containing the attack that instigated the duel.

Dueling with the Dice:
Dueling with the Dice
When rolling the dice be sure to roll both Fate AND Attack. Both dice serve a purpose.

Fate: Determines whether the attack was a hit or miss.
Attack: Determines the severity of the attack. AKA Damage done to the opponant.

As the duel goes on, players would continue roleplay as normal whilst rolling the dice if they choose to attack or use their magic. The order of the duel will look like this:

Player 1
Player 2
Player 1
Player 2
And so on...

Once a player reaches 20 health points, the duel is over unless a player plans to kill off their character. You won't be able to compete in another duel until health is back up to at least 85%. Be sure to review the health guide for details on restoring health points. Characters can forfeit at any time if you don't want to wait till your health depletes.

The Game Master will post the results between rounds which will look something like this:

Health: 110
Mana: 50

Duel Requirements:
Duel Requirements:

  • Must have at least 85% health
  • Duel must be accepted by receiver or there is no duel
  • Duels not accepted within a week(7 days) when the person is active are considered invalid.

Dueling Form:
Duel Request Form
[b]Person wanting a challenge[/b]:
[b]Person being Challenged[/b]:
[b]Reason for challenge[/b]:

Duel Results:
Duel Results
Duel results are determined by a a few factors, but the main factor is the amount of Health a player has. To end a duel, one of the following must happen:

- One character HP drops to 30HP
- One character flees the dueling arena
- 2 critical hits (FATE dice number is 20 at least twice throughout the duel)

Winners are only valid when character reaches 30HP or surrenders but does not flee the arena.

HP will reflect the end result of the duel until your character eats food, sleeps or uses healing potions or spells. Members must provide a link to the thread of their regained health via their Duel topic OR the maintenance channel in the pack discord. Please review the Health Guide for addition health details.

OOC : Noella
MS : 156
Health : 200

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