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Kyantae Lobos

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Kyantae Lobos Empty Kyantae Lobos

Post by Kyantae Lobos on Sat Jan 04, 2020 6:28 pm

The Form:
Kyantae Miguel Lobos

Nickname: Ky
Name Pronunciation: Kyy-Awn-Tay
Age: Six
Gender: Male
Voice: Antonio Banderas
Scent: Neroli & juniper
Playlist: Here

Rank: Seeker
Occupation: Chaser
Alliance: Fenris' War, Fall
Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Guild: N/A
Guild Rank: N/A

Species: 80% Maned Wolf, 20%Dire Wolf
Height: 43in
Weight: 130ibs
Length: 5ft
Fur Texture: Velvet smooth and well groomed
Fur Length: Long hair
Eye Color: Brown sugar
Nose Color: Black
Tongue Color: Light pink with even lighter pink spots on the middle and back of his tongue.
Claw Color: White with pink roots
Base Color: Sunset red
Secondary Color: Light orange
Third Color: Creme
Markings: White "bib" under his chin and throat along with a white dipped fox tail mark. A solid black ridge along his mane going from his nape to between the shoulder blades.
Scars: Jagged claw marks on his right shoulder and right haunch from a mountain lion attack.
Accessories: N/A
Growths: N/A
Reference: Here

Element /Magic:: Lightning
1st Spell: [Level 1] Spark; a zapping shower is cast at his rival to do minor damage and possibly paralyze them for a full turn.
2nd Spell: [Level 2] Double bolt; two strong bolts of lightning are cast followed by a bone shaking rumble of thunder to cause his opponent to flinch.
3rd Spell: [Level 3] Tempest; a massive thunder and lightning storm surrounds the battle area to unleash numerous lightning bolts down on his opponent.

Personality Traits:

  • overconfident
  • avoids serious talk
  • joker
  • ambitious


  • fish
  • flirting
  • dancing
  • pushing buttons and boundaries


  • rabbit
  • bees
  • snow
  • staying still

Parents: Khalil♂ & Lash♀
Siblings: Nahko♂
Relatives: N/A
History: Hailing from the Nameless Lands as a Maned Wolf, he's gotten many looks and whispers over the years but they don't bother him. He prides himself in being unique just as his loving parents taught him. Their tribe wasn't very protective of its young, feeling cubs must learn survival on their own and so when Ky was attacked by a mountain lion his tribe stood back to let nature take its course. His parents weren't having any of it and they of course intervened, getting them kicked out from their tribe. Wandering from the Nameless Lands they came across the packs of Canin and sought to join the Fall pack. They proved themselves and secured their ranks; Khalil a Fighter and Lash a Scout. In this way they also secured their son's life and some peace of mind for themselves as parents. Growing up such a tall and orange canine, he got some teasing thrown his way but nothing he couldn't shake off and deflect back. He learned to start making fun of himself long before anyone else had the chance to.

A known joker and flirt, this male has remained loyal to the Fall pack and does all he can to provide for them. Kyantae will do anything for his packmates and holds his Guardian in the highest regard. His parents are both still alive and serve the pack as elders now, passing their wisdom down to the younger generation and helping with pups or other minor tasks. He has a good relationship with them but wants to keep them well and healthy amidst the upcoming war.
Kyantae Lobos
Kyantae Lobos

OOC : Pesty
MS : 15
Health : 200

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