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Maell Adair Empty Maell Adair

Post by Maell on Sat Dec 14, 2019 5:59 pm

The Form:
Maell Lynn Adair

Nickname: May
Name Pronunciation: "May-el Ah-Dare"
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female
Voice: (Not decided)

Rank: Herbalist
Occupation: Healer
Alliance: Fenrirs War - Winter
Alignment: Lawful good

Guild: N/A
Guild Rank: N/A

Species: 75% Eurasian Wolf, 25% Wolfdog
Height: 28 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 68 pounds
Length: 3 feet and 11 inches from nose to tip of tail.

Body Type: Maell is very much like her parents, tall and serpentine. Her body is very elegant and is more for show than for practical use. Long legs will lend her the ability to travel long distances quickly, but she will never grow to be particularly strong or muscular.
Fur Texture: While all of her fur is soft, the area around her neck tends to be a bit more spiked up whereas the on the rest of her body it will lay flat.
Fur Length: Her coat is long and gracefully feminine, a little wispy and ethereal in places. Not thick enough to keep her completely warm in the winter but also not thin enough to keep her from overheating in the summer.

Eye Color: A stunning bright blue. They are big and doe-like, basically a window into her soul.
Nose Color: Dark brown
Tongue Color: Pink
Claw Color: Black
Base Color: Dark chocholate browj
Secondary Color: Light brown
Third Color: Tan
Markings: See reference.
Scars: None.
Accessories: None currently.
Growths: None.
Reference:Maell Adair Maell_10

Element /Magic:: Water
1st Spell: Water Whip - Level 1
2nd Spell: Octopaw - Level 2
3rd Spell: Ghost - Level 2

Strong Runner
■ What she lacks in muscle, the girl makes up for in stamina. Her long legs give her the necessary power to run large distances at a constant pace or short distances at a rapid speed. She will tire less quickly than the average wolf and rather enjoys taking runs just for the fun of it.

Level Headed
■ A peaceful being at her core, Maell very rarely lets anything bother her to the point of freaking out. If something does manage to upset her, she is very skilled at hiding even the slightest sign of it. Instead, she will approach the individual or situation in her own manner of soft speech and gentle suggestions.
■ It kind of speaks for itself that being soft-spoken isn't the best quality. Often outspoken, the female has grown to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself. She's not against having a friendly conversation with another individual, but in groups larger than 2-3 she will tend to stay more on the quiet side, often being mistaken for shy or timid.  

Oath To No Violence
■ While Maell is very happy in her decision to avoid violence, most wolves will call her foolish for the choice. She will never be found putting a paw, tooth, or nail on another being in any way that brings harm upon them, and for this, she is rather proud. But that part that makes others scoff at her is the fact that she refuses to hunt. Yep, that's right, no hunting for this female. Instead, she is willing to join in the hunting groups to aid more as a herder of prey.

Lack Of Muscle
■ The she-wolf is a lover, not a fighter, in both a physical and mental sense. While she is not scrawny or small by any means, Maell is far from being qualified as a warrior. If forced into a battle, the female must be careful about how many blows she could withstand before they become fatal.

Too Attached
■ While it may not always be a horrible thing, the girl finds herself growing close to people at a close rate. She prefers to "attach" herself at the hip of another wolf, following their every move and almost allowing them to take over for her. She considers these bonds to be more of a "big brother" or "big sister" sort of relationship, but often the other individual involved will just consider her to be clingy.

Personality Traits:
Tranquility | Serenity | Peace
■ Three things in which this female seems to revolve around. Maell's heart is of gold, her eyes a gentle world in which sees no evil. She speaks no foul words, her tongue just as pure as her soul- as saying such things only cause harm and no good. She is strongly against violence, the very thought of bringing a sorrowful gaze to her teal eyes. A vow to never harm, to never touch another in an act of hostility, runs through her mind at a constant rate. No matter who a wolf may be, no matter what they may have done; there is still good in them, at least to Maell.

Selfless | Devoted | Charitable
■  Every move she makes is soft and tender, a delicate form that wishes to aid and help at every turn and corner. She will do as she needs to protect those she deems fit, she will even throw her own frame into the line of fire if it means keeping an innocent soul from an unworthy outcome. Second chances are very common with Maell, along with third, fourth, fifth, etc. She never stops seeing the good in a being and will do anything within her power to try and get everyone else to see it as well.

Soft-spoken | Thoughtful | Weary
■ Maell is an intellectual female, though not all the time does she show it. She is a soft-spoken fae, often keeping her opinions and words to herself. Sometimes when she does decide to speak up however, she is spoken over by others who fail to notice her presence. She always thinks before she speaks, her behavior just as her mother and father raised her to be. Danger is something she strays from, just like things foreign to her. She is not a fighter, nor a complicated female. She is merely the very creation of peace, always trying to mediate and solve problems that are not of her own.

Spiritual | Pure | Nonmaterialistic
■ This female's religion goes way deeper than what is visible to the eye. Not harming another nor speaking foul or hurtful words is only the surface. Due to her very peaceful ways, Maell has become rather close to nature and religion. Throughout the year the female can be found praying by herself and offering up small shrines to the Gods, though in the Spring season it kicks into overdrive. She will bless the ground before sitting or laying and will focus more on nature and it's blessings than the pack itself. To Maell, religion means everything. She often times does not find the need to hoard or obsess over objects in life, as it is all pointless in the afterlife, but every once in a while she will become strongly attached to an item that she will carry with her everywhere.


  • Meditation and relaxing.
  • Nature walks / Beach walks.
  • Peaceful beings.
  • Singing and dancing


  • Violence, including hunting and sparring.
  • Atheists.
  • Dark magic
  • Exploring far from home.

Parents: Mother - Kiopa, Biological father - Unknown wolfdog, Adoptive father - Isavir
Siblings: Two stillborn brothers.
Relatives: N/A
History: In order for one to properly understand Maell and the way she is, one must go back to a time long before she even born.

Deep within the forest of the lands where Maell was born, there lived a very religious pack. For years they lived in peace with those around them and each other. They would spend their days offering gifts up to the Gods, socializing happily between each other, and participating in song and dance. But that all came to end when Matuna came around. He was a large dark pelted male who hadn’t belonged to the pack previously but made it known he aimed to rule over them. Up until this point, only light-colored wolves had been members of the pack, and so they were wary of the dark male. They didn’t want to judge him for his appearance however and decided to give the fellow a chance... a choice they’d later come to regret. As Matuna became more and more comfortable, he grew bolder in his own personal beliefs. Instead of worshiping and thanking nature for the daily gifts provided to the pack like the rest of the members, he would focus on death and the sins of an individual. Many wolves began to see him as a practice of dark magic, but it wasn’t until one winter when the truth was revealed.  

”It was a cold winter night when we sensed something was off. Matunga has gone off on his own, which wasn’t unusual for the male, but he had brought Lilith with him. She wasn’t the type of girl to go with a stranger and she certainly wasn’t the sort to be out for so long. Naturally, we became worried and began to search for the pair, but nothing could prepare our souls for what our eyes were about to see. At first, it was just a couple drops of blood, but soon it turned into a steady trail that led us right to the devil himself, surrounded in a pool of crimson red against the white snow. Lilith was there too, but she was far from living. Her body had been disassembled and flung about in a horribly gruesome manner. We stared in horror as Matuna turned to look at us, his only response being, “She wasn’t strong enough..” In that moment we knew our assumptions had been right. He was the devil himself and his dark magic would consume us all if we didn’t put an end to him.”

The rest of the story differs between wolf to wolf. Some say the pack descended upon Matuna and killed him where he stood. Others say he was exiled and cursed from the lands, while some believe he chose to leave on his own choice. But whatever the reasoning was, the pack formed a new belief; Dark pelts were a sign of wicked beings.

Time pasted and the pack began to heal from the traumatic experience. They soon returned to their normal ways and all was peaceful again, but some individuals had a secret interest in Matuna and the magic he wielded. One of these being was Kiopa, Maell’s mother. One night a dark pelted stranger wandered upon pack grounds and caught the female’s eye, despite her already being mated to another, Isavir. She cared little about this however and allowed herself to be seduced into a one night stand with the male, which ended up in the creation of Maell. The two had no further interactions and the male went on his way, while Kiopa was forced to face reality. Betrayal.

3 months later a dark female and two stillborn males were born to a light pelted pair, forcing the truth to be told. Kiopa gathered the pack and explained her story of how her pups came to be conceived, though she claimed she had been forced into it in order to save her own life rather then fully confess. No one knew any different and so they believed the female. The fear of the dark pelt was still around however, and despite Kiopa’s best attempts, she couldn’t get the pack to see the good in her pup. They wanted Maell to be left to die, believing that if she was good, nature would save her. But Kiopa refused and expressed that she had already lost too much. She wished to care for and have the opportunity of being a mother to her only living child, which the leaders ended up allowing under certain conditions. Maell could stay until she was two years of age, but after that she would be forced to leave the pack and fend for herself.

Isavir had originally wanted nothing to do with raising Maell, but as she began to grow and flourish into the pack’s religion, he couldn’t help but care for her. “How can she be so bad when she’s so devoted to everything that we believe in?” he wondered. Quickly he took over his role as a father and began to teach Maell all that she knows, though he mainly focused on religion and ways of keeping her peaceful nature. To the pack, nothing else mattered. And so the little dark girl grew and grew under the safety of her parent’s agreement until she was two years old. Her parents knew what was to come, but Maell was blissfully unaware of the reality of her situation. To her, it was just another birthday. Kiopa had prepared herself for this moment, but Isavir was struggling. As the leaders approached the den where the family settled, he quickly turned to Maell and said, “I have a mission for you. Go find a ThickleThrine bush and bring it back here.” And so she went off in search of the made up plant without question, therefore relieving the pack of the cursed child. Her father explained to the leaders upon their arrival that it had all been taken care of, as he couldn’t bear to think of how devastated and confused Maell would have been if she was told she was exiled.

Maell traveled for week after week in search of the glorious ThickleThrine bush, but of course she had no luck. During her travels she had stumbled across many individuals who she all asked for  help, but very few chose to do this. Most would stare at her in confusion or laugh in her face and express how stupid she had to be. She couldn’t understand what they meant by “There’s no such thing as a ThickleThrine bush you idiot!” and instead continued on her way. Those who did feel pity for the girl would offer shelter for the night or a scrap of meat to help her in her travels. But after nearly two months, she trudged back home with a heavy heart. She wasn’t sure how her parents would respond to her failure, but she was sure they’d be disappointed. Upon her arrival however, Maell was shocked to find that the pack was gone. At first she was scared and confused, but upon further thought she figured they had simply migrated off to another land. “That’s what the bison and birds do! They move with the seasons! They’ll be back after winter is over”, she had thought excitedly. And so, she stayed within the pack grounds, hoping to catch a glimpse of a familiar face making their way back. But it never came, and once winter had taken its toll, the young girl decided she better go looking for them herself.

At no point in time did it ever come to Maell that she had been abandoned, and to this day it still has not. She fully believes her family just forgot about her on her travels and made the ‘migration’ without her. To her it’s just one big mistake that they’ll all laugh about some day when they’re reunited.

OOC : Naviira
MS : 20
Health : 200

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