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Brawn Easton

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Brawn Easton Empty Brawn Easton

Post by Brawn Easton on Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:52 pm

Brawn Easton

Nickname: Brawn
Name Pronunciation: Brawn
Age: 6yrs
Gender: Male
Voice: wip

Rank: Seeker
Occupation: Scout
Alliance: Fenrirs War - Winter
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Guild: N/A
Guild Rank: N/A

Species: Dire Wolf, Mackenzie Valley
Height: 30in
Weight: 180lbs
Length: 12in
Fur Texture: course
Fur Length: Short
Eye Color: Gold
Nose Color: Black
Tongue Color: Red
Claw Color: Black
Base Color: Brown
Secondary Color: Tan
Third Color: faded brow
Markings: See Ref
Scars: Scar on left eye that cuts into the eye lids(think Scar from The Lion King)
Accessories: N/A
Growths: Longer Saber-tooth-like canines that protrude about half an inch from upper lip.
Reference: Brawn Easton Expres10

Element /Magic:: Magic
1st Spell: (lvl 1) Projection - A spell that turns Brawn see through, Projection allows Brawn to avoid the attacks but only if he uses the spell successfully.
2nd Spell: (Lvl 2) Ghost - When cast, it allows Brawn to create a real looking but false image of himself which he can use as a decoy during a fight but once hit, the ghost self disappears.
3rd Spell: (Lvl 3) Mystery

Personality Traits:

  • Honorable
  • Kind
  • Cunning
  • Mysterious


  • Hunting
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Training


  • Cockiness
  • Ill tempered wolves
  • Wraiths
  • Loud noises

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Relatives: None
History: Brawn had been raised up until he was ayear before his parents earased his memory and sent him on his way. The pain of such wasn't present-with no memory of them he never thought about what he had lost. Brawn found his place in the Winter territory but is in fact a blood of Summer.
Brawn Easton
Brawn Easton

OOC : Noella
MS : 11
Health : 200

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