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Annularis’ Audition

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Annularis’ Audition Empty Annularis’ Audition

Post by Annularis on Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:07 am

The Form:

Nickname: She prefers to be called her name only; only those who she holds close may use a variation of her name i.e “Laris” or “Anne”
Name Pronunciation: “Anne-New-Lair-Is”
Age: She is immortal.
Gender: Female
Voice: “Tia Dalma” - Pirates of the Caribbean  

Rank: Shaman
Occupation: Elder
Alliance: Akeyna’s Rebellion
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Guild: None
Guild Rank: N/A

Species: 75% Dire, 25% wraith
Height: 31 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 137lbs
Length: 4ft at the tail
Fur Texture: Anne’s fur is quite silky, and usually wet at the touch. Due to living in an underground quarters, the atmosphere creates a cold and moist environment that dampens everything inside.
Fur Length: Normal length, but small tufts of long hair stems from her elbows and tail tip.
Eye Color: Left: Yellow, Right: Deep Blue
Nose Color: Black
Tongue Color: Pink, embodied with three purple spots
Claw Color: Black
Base Color: Low-Saturated Brown
Secondary Color: Dark Brown
Third Color: Very Light Red/Cream
Markings: WIP
Scars: Small scrapes covered in fur, but no wounds have left a big mark.
Accessories: WIP
Growths: White feathered wings stem from her flank, a rare trait presented in her family.
Reference: Annularis’ Audition HXx2iPV

Element /Magic:: Magic
1st Spell: Telekinesis
2nd Spell: Self Regeneration
3rd Spell: Call to Arms

Personality Traits:

  • Poised - Annularis has known her place in the rebellion her whole life, and takes great pride in her title. She embodies grace in everything she does, and only speaks great truth and wisdom, or nothing at all. She keeps her complexion looking sharp, her body slim and clean, and her mind composed. She is always ready and willing to give to her cause, ready to serve Akeyna and the Mother Goddess. She strives to be remembered as a goddess of her own accord, so every move she makes is strategically planned to keep this image.
  • Bountiful - She is overly-willing to put in work for Akeyna and the Mother Goddess, always offering herself up to be used in some way. Annularis is always found meditating, waiting for a sign, message, or new task to be done. If she is found without work for an extended period of time, she will be worried that she is not good enough. This causes her to take drastic measures to prove worthiness.
  • Sympathetic - Her birthmother told her of the wicked ways of the world and the people in it, but was raised in love and light despite this. Annularis was told to give rather than take, restore rather than damage, and think before fighting. While the four packs are her enemies, Annularis cares a great deal for them, and has occasionally found herself healing the injured, and being a counselor for the ill-minded. She hopes that her actions gives them light and sense of duty to abandon their pack and join her in the rebellion. Some have, but some don’t.


  • Exercise
  • Fish
  • Stories
  • The Moon
  • Teaching


  • Cocky individuals
  • Arguing
  • Being cold
  • Tight spaces

Parents: Selene Angelite (Mother); father name unknown
Siblings: Kiel & Kett (brothers)
Relatives: N/A
History: WIP

Key points -
* Raised by mother singlehandedly, later raised by Akeyna after mother’s death.
* Father was a follower of Fenrir that convinced Selene to produce heirs that would be borne with her massive wings in exchange for protection during the ongoing war. She complied as she was not a powerful fighter.
* He wasn’t satisfied with the brood - all cubs were wingless except for a female. She would be named Annularis. The rest were executed as they served no purpose for him.
* Although he was disappointed that the remaining cub was female, he allowed Annularis to live on the conditions that Selene would be willing to produce another litter next season to produce winged sons.
* Selene hated being used like this, so once Annularis was able to fly on her own, they took off immediately and never looked back.
* No distance was too far; the male’s presence always seemed to surround them. Selene didn’t know if it was simply paranoia or a trick that he did to her senses, but they would continue to fly on for many moons searching for Akeyna.
* They finally did meet Akeyna, and lived under the rebellion’s protection. Annularis practiced shamanism and strengthened her third eye (medium of the spirit world), while Selene moved to Elder status and trained her daughter along with other wolves of the practice.
* Selene would spend a two days out of the tunnels to collect supplies with an escort, but she made a fatal mistake. She got too comfortable. A foggy day, Selene would venture out alone and come across the dark stranger. He aimed to kill after seeing her true intentions, but he needed her alive long enough to create more powerful warriors to serve under him in the war.
* Selene would never return to the tunnel, and eventually birthed two winged sons, and one non-winged son and daughter. As the birthing process ensued, Selene muttered a spell in fear that the stranger would abduct or try to kill her daughter, Annularis, for joining the rebellion. The spell would make Annularis immortal in exchange for Selene’s life. Selene was happy to comply knowing the stranger would kill her anyways. She passed away shortly after the birth, not caring if her newest brood survived or not as they would be used for evil.
* Annularis never saw her mother again, and fell into a deep depression not knowing why her mom disappeared. But instinctively Akeyna stepped in to finish her training, and strengthened patrol. She  would not allow anyone to leave without a patrol ever again.
* Many, many, many years later, Annularis wouldn’t age. She would remain in her young adult stage, and maintain a slightly youthful appearance but did mature in mind. She serves Akeyna and the Mother Goddess as a daughter to the cause.

OOC : Alebrije
MS : 24
Health : 200

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