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Prey and Predators

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Prey and Predators  Empty Prey and Predators

Post by Noella on Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:27 pm

Below are the prey and predators of Canin. Each animal has their own set life bars and magic uses should they apply. Where to find them will be included in the information below. Animals may be requested to be added at any time.

Location: Zigzig Mountain, Southern Point, Bone Canyon, Highrise Cliffs
Dice Num: 4
Health: 250HP
Magic Fire or Earth Element

Location: Salmon Run, White River
Dice Num: 7
Health: 300HP
Magic Earth Element

Location: Bison Trails, Newborn Stepps, Autumn Meadows
Dice Num: 10
Health: 150HP
Magic Earth Element

Location: Blue Pine Forest
Dice Num: 3
Health: 350HP
Magic Fire Element

Location: Blue Pine Forest, Ramblewood Forest, Autumn Meadows
Dice Num: 2
Health: 250HP
Magic Earth and Air Element

Location: Everywhere
Dice Num: 8
Health: 150HP
Magic Water and Air Magic

Musk Oxen
Location: Highrise Cliffs
Dice Num: 12
Health: 200HP
Magic Earth and Fire Element

Location: Everywhere
Dice Num: 1
Health: 250HP
Magic Earth Element

Pacific Salmon
Location: White River, Mirror Lake, Salmon Run
Dice Num: 6
Health: 150HP
Magic Water Element

Location: Bison Trails
Dice Num: 9
Health: 350HP
Magic Earth and Air Element

Location: Mirror Lake, White River
Dice Num: 5
Health: 150HP
Magic Earth and Water Element

Location: Blue Pine Forest
Dice Num: 11
Health: 450HP
Magic Earth and Fire Element

OOC : Noella
MS : 156
Health : 200

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