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Occupations  Empty Occupations

Post by Noella on Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:37 am

Believe it or not, each rank has small occupations within the rank that each character is expected to do. Occupations can be changed, but keep in mind it should be after a two week period with active posts before you change it. The occupations below are all unlimited. Keep in mind that occupations may be added, removed or changed at anytime.


The direct blood of a Guardian, Heirs are tasked with learning the ways of their pack upon the age of two years. In the absence of the Guardians themselves, heirs have the power to be in charge. If an heir isn't present, then a Shaman will step up as they are closest in relationship with the Gods. Despite their stature, Heirs suffer from the terror of battle between one another to replace the current Guardian when their time comes. Heirs may also be subjected to sacrifice in certain rituals.


  • Leading a hunt if of age.
  • Overseeing Duels
  • Overseeing food supplies
  • Overseeing Births
  • Teaching younger Heirs the Rituals and beliefs of the pack
  • Leading warriors on patrols and battles

An Orphaned Descendant is usually that of a couple who don't want their pup and have cast it away from the direct line of heirs. While an orphan may be without a parent, the pup has an opportunity to prove their worth or adopt to a lower ranking couple within the pack. Orphans are more susceptible to sacrifice and often used as slaves for Guardians or the Heirs themselves if desired.


  • Serve Guardian or Heir

Usually a forbidden love has brought a pup of this stature into existence. Parents were not a married couple. Bastards are downcast in Canin and are the last ones for any hope of becoming the next Guardian. A descendant with this title can be of any nature, even fight their way to the throne like any others have the opportunity to do. Bastards are neither supported nor are their of high importance. Most are used for slavery and sacrifice but others can more something of themselves. Some have even become Wraiths for Fenrir.

Because of their lesser importance, Bastards chart their own duties. Refer to other occupations and choose the one you think would fit your character the best.


Skilled in the art of combat, a fighter is considered to be the most brutal and talented of any warrior. They train daily to perfect their skills in one on one combat and in some cases, groups as well. Warriors accompany hunts, quests and escort the Guardian or Elder Shaman as needed. While a fighter is skilled in combat they also fend off the territory from intruders or predators.


  • Defend the territory from intruders, predators, wraiths etc.
  • Accompany hunts
  • Accompany Guardian or Elder
  • Accompany patrol
  • Can only be relieved of duties from the Guardian
  • Are subject to patrols of numbers for patrol are weak.

Keeping the pack territory clear of any foe is the job or a patrol wolf. While they don't get involved in the fight unless of dire need, they do work closely with a messenger or scout. Patrol will have posts as re each border and switch guards for night and day. The patrol schedule can be found in the announcement forum.


  • Guards the borders of their territory
  • Works with messengers and Fighters
  • Patrols around their posts every hour.
  • Watch duties are changed at Dawn and Dusk

Skilled in deadly arts and stealth, Assassins are useful for getting rid of someone of importance or one who is seen as a nuisance. Assassins are job specific but in a time of war, there will be those silent kills. Most duties of the Assassin will be found in the Questing forum.


  • Kill the foe they are assigned to
  • Only takes solo Quests
  • Sworn to keep information from the enemy at all costs.
  • May use disguise or impersonations to infiltrate enemy line.


Shaman (Elder)
An Elder Shaman speaks with the Gods on a daily and informs the Guardian of any important news. Elders are the ones who carry out a sacrifice and present an offering to the gods. Elders are expected to remain at the temples and spend any time they have outside the temples training any apprentices they may have. Otherwise, it is not uncommon to see an Elder have a conversation with their God.


  • Keeping communication with the Gods
  • Training Apprentices
  • Carrying out a sacrifice
  • Elders have one day off from their duties once a month.

Taking on similar tasks of the Elder, Apprentices are those in training to become an Elder one day. As a pack grows they may be in need of more that one Elder. Apprentices assist with the tasks an Elder would do such as preparing a sacrifice though not carrying out the deed unless the Elder is absent. When there comes a time when an Apprentice will take over the duties of an Elder, the entire pack is present, including the Guardian to witness the change. If a previous Elder still breathes, he or she is sent to Mentor the other Apprentices till the end of their days or choose another career.


  • Keeping communication with the Gods
  • Prepares Sacrifices
  • Prepares the dead for burial
  • Takes a quest near the Tree of Souls to bring themselves closer to their God before taking on the duties of Elder.


In the healing business, Herbalists know more about plants and trees than most. They work well with alchemists to produce remedies to heal or aid a wound or illness. As needed, an Herbalist may find the need to venture out and discover more and new aids for to use on their patients. They may be accompanied by a warrior and messenger on their searches which may in some cases require them to travel outside their territory as most ingredients are naturally found in Spring and Summer seasons.


  • Tend to the wounded or sick
  • create new effective remedies to air illnesses and wounds.
  • Works closely with Messenger and Alchemist
  • Often required to travel outside pack territory
  • Holds a high regard in the pack for safety

Like the Herbalist, an Alchemist works with plants as well but also uses magical properties to aid the brews and remedies. Alchemists are usually magic users with a talent for Alchemy but anyone in the arts of magic can learn this skill. Not just in the arts of healing but some alchemists may be able to boost strength or stamina for short periods of time with food or drink digested. In addition to their like knowledge of herbs, Alchemists may find a need to venture outside the pack for resources as well.


  • Tend to the wounded or sick
  • create new effective remedies to air illnesses and wounds.
  • Works closely with Messenger, Herbalist and Alchemist
  • Often required to travel outside pack territory
  • Holds a high regard in the pack for safety

Known for their motherly love, a caretaker assists with the raising of pups in the pack and also may be assigned to the role of personal nurse. A caretaker uses the remedies praise given by the Herbalists and/or Alchemists and put it to work. If an aid does not appear to work for a patient, the caretaker will consult the one who who made it for something else. Caretakers take on the responsibility of motherhood when a Mother is not present at that time, whether they be on a hunt or having words with the Guardian.


  • Attend the wounded or sick
  • Feed, guard and entertain young in mothers absence.
  • Works well with Alchemist and Herbalist


A part of the hunt, a Chaser herds prey toward the others of the hunt and works to fire the animal before the final blow done by a Guardian. Chasers are quick on their feet and share a muscular proportion like that of a warrior. Unlike the warrior who has a large, muscular body, the Chaser has a lean body that allows them to move quickly and make those sharp turns when prey changes direction. Chasers include all of those in the hunt, yet are in groups to herd prey and execute different hunt strategies. Often they work with Scouts who will search for the prey and report to a Chaser before the hunt officially begins.


  • Plan hunt strategies
  • Herd prey to fellow Chasers for final bring down
  • Works well with Scouts
  • Guides other pack members who aren't chasers during a hunt.

As a Scout, a wolf is charged with taking on the role of Ambassador, arriving early to a meeting to inform the packs will arrive or the role one who goes ahead of the pack to search for prey or even an intruder. Scouts work well with messengers. They are light on their feet and benefit from keen senses. Scouts are good for discovering and exploring new territory. Scouts risk much for the pack and may often be seen as peace keepers for their work of Ambassador. A scout may also work with Assassins to access and report activity of their target.


  • Serve the roll of peace maker at Seasonal Meets
  • Discovers new routes or places to expand territory space
  • Execute recon missions for Assassins
  • Report any suspicious activity in the pack.

Scavengers stay true to their name by looking for easy prey scraps the pack could benefit from. They search for food to bring back to the pack when food is scarce. When the pack isn't going through hardships, scavengers stick to wandering the territory for new hunting routes and report any strange activity of prey. Though their duties are few, Scavengers are valuable when it comes to secret food stashes.


  • Searches for scraps of food in times of need.
  • Observes prey behaviors and patterns for abnormalities
  • Stores food throughout the territory for emergencies
  • Responsible for knowing when seasons and weather changes occur.

Other Occupations
The following jobs don't fall into the above rank areas and so are able to be in any rank of choice.

Slaves may come from any background. Whether they are sold or traded into the occupation or born in the work, they serve another. Slaves are considered low ranked, subjected to anything their master tells them. Slave serve the simple purpose of completing tasks given to them by their masters. A slave has the opportunity of rising in the ranks if her master wishes it so, or completes her terms of agreement if they are sold for a purpose.

Serves anyone who is in the above ranks. Specific duties depend on the contract master and servant create.

War Prisoner
A prison of war is also self explanatory. They may be kept in confinement or allowed to roam the territory freely. War prisoners are those who were arrested by the opposing forces of a members desired pack. If they are caught, they may be sold to slavery, kept in confinement, or even subjected to torture for valuable information. Force to switch sides is also a possibility. War prisoners have no duties specific to them and therefore have no obligation to do anything unless given an order from the Guardian themselves. .

Skilled in endurance, a messenger has many useful, yet dangerous tasks. They work closely with almost any rank, including scouts or Healers. Messages can be as urgent as a discovered murder, or even enemies in the territory. Messengers are considered honorable and share the risks similar to the Warriors.


  • Deliver important messages to various receivers

Adept at remaining incognito and light on their paws, a thief typically survives for themselves and doesn't do well in group settings because, well, they'll wind up stealing things. Each thief has their own reasons for what they're doing and usually try to give back in their own way in order to maintain an unspoken balance. Due to their ability to sneak around relatively unnoticed they make fine double agents if bribed or coerced into such a situation and are known for their silver tongues. Most thieves will have a cache of goods either to hoard or to offer to a deity.

-steal precious items from pack wolves to trade to another pack
-gather sensitive information

OOC : Noella
MS : 156
Health : 200

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