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Rank Descriptions  Empty Rank Descriptions

Post by Noella on Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:58 am

The Four Packs use the same ranks for one another. Akeynas Rebellion and Fenrirs Wraiths use their own similar ranks. See below for their descriptions. Members can find a list of all the members in each pack in the Rankings forum.

The Pack Ranks

These are the heirs to the Guardians of each pack. They are considered to be quite powerful and hold the responsibilities of leading their pack one day. The oldest of the bunch would be subject to any ritual should they be needed for such a price. If a pack chooses not to have a litter, there may not be any potions for Descendants Available. All heirs must be blood related.

Defenders of their borders, warriors are wolves with a purpose to guard their pack members. They patrol the territories, accompany a hunt to fend off Wraiths and other predators and train to perfection in their skills. Warriors are a high demand in the land of Canin for their usefulness in the tensions throughout the packs of Canin. If a pack has no warriors, they live with the title "defenseless".

As a bridge between the Spirit World and the Living, a Shaman speaks for the Gods and spends most of their time at the Temple. Shamen supervise and carry our the sacrifice needed for most hunts of certain packs. Shaman foresee any large events to any who seek their path in life but not all predictions are accurate. Shaman worship and work with the Guardians to inform of any requests the Gods may have. Those who seek the path of Shaman are apprentices to the current shaman. If the "Elder" Shaman is not present for an offering,  the apprentices must do it or the pack will suffer.

Note: Foresight for a Shaman is a born trait and does not count against the number of spells or elements a character can use.

Skilled in healing, herbalist and alchemy, healers tend to the wounded, assist in new births, and in some cases, watch over pups in a mothers absence. Healers are responsible for knowing many different ways to heal the sick and wounded and to know aids for mothers. In some instances, a healer may need to resupply their stock and venture out into the world to gather what they need. Depending on terms of the season currently in motion, a trip could be dangerous. Missing herbs or remedies could cause an outbreak of serious diseases for pack members alone.

Known for hunting, scavenging, scouting and other talents, Seekers are a vital role. Mainly skilled in the hunt,a seeker will know the best Trails to find food. Seekers will maneuver the pack during a hunt while the Descendants(of proper age) lead the pack in chase. Seekers will scout the areas for not just food but enemies as well. Useful during a search for an intruder, a seeker is considered to have higher senses than most in the pack

OOC : Noella
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