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Spells List Empty Spells List

Post by Noella on Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:08 pm

This is the giant spells list. Remember that you can only choose one Element OR 3 spells max. Members can use the ones below or make up their own. A good place to find spells to use are ate the following references:

Spells: Link
Power List: Link

Things to remember:

  • You can do an combination of spells(one earth spell, one water spell)
  • Spells can be changed, however, the active threads with old powers must remain as is, but new threads can write the new powers.

Below are the levels of magic. To read more about mana, please read the guide here.

***Spells may be added or requested at any time***

Element Magic:
Element Magic

The following spells affect the element of earth:

Earthquake level 1
A paw stomp throws your opponent off balance and grants you another turn. Opponent has a chance to save during casters second turn. If levitating or above ground in any way, spell is invalid.

Rock slide Level 1
User slides on the earth like a sled on ice and rams into victim with a wall of rocks or can sweep the feet knocking the victim off balance. Has a chance of stunning. Does moderate damage.

Stalagtite Level 3
Raises a large rock sharp on the end and throws down on opponent. Causes major damage.

Rock shield Level 2
Covers user in earth effectively defending against physical and earth based attacks. Still vulnerable to fire and water based attacks by a small percentage lower. Makes disorienting based attacks ineffective but can still be damaged but with the defense buff applied. Can be blocked for a couple turns.

The following spells affect the element of water:

Water Whip level 1
Similar to Fire whip, this spell has a one target damage base which causes deep slice cuts to the opponent. This spell can be used more than once.

Ice Shot level 2
Stuns opponent and deals damage as well. Gives caster a second turn. Opponent will have an opportunity to save against the action.

Water Gun level 1
Similar to the Fire Huff, the Water Gun is mainly used to stun your enemy and cause a bit of damage. This spell can be used more than once.

Ice Trap Level 3
Whirling a pool of water before the player before its into deadly sharps that spike up into the opponent. This cause physical damage and usually isn't avoidable without luck of the dice. This spell can only be used one time.

Frost armor Level 2
Covers user in shards of plated ice. Gives user major defensive buff against projectiles and physical damage. Cures physical abnormalities such as burn and laceration. Does not defend against attacks with disorientation/stun chance. Can defend for a couple turns.

Octopaw Level 2
Wraps the caster in a shield of water whilst the caster uses eight tentacle-like water streams to fend off multiple enemies. This spell lasts up to 3 turns and is vulnerable to Fire Huff.
The following spells affect the element of fire:

Fire Whip level 1
With the flick of a tail, the fire whip attacks two foes at once. This spell is useful when fighting two foes at once.

Fire Ball level 1
An explosive ball of fire with an explosive radius of 1-2 meters. A starter spell for any fire user and can be used more than once, as needed.

Fire Huff Level 3
Think about the story of the 3 little pigs. This spell has a wolf throwing back their head and blowing out a string of flames which can cause serious 2nd to 3rd degree burns.

Volcano Level 2
Erupts a tunnel of fire below 1 or 2 opponents causing the to be flung into the air causing moderate burn damage and high physical damage on impact. Can still effect those using levitate. Just depends on dodge chance and roll.

Demon Dog Level 3
A flaming look-a-like of your character encased in flames. The Demon Dog will remain beside you for 3 turns. It only take two successful hits before it disintegrates; it is especially vulnerable to Ice Trap. This spell can only be used once.

The following spells affect the element of air:

Levitate Level 2
Allows user to avoid damage and hover in the air. Strictly a defense maneuver. Increases dodge chance and renders ground based attacks useless.

Wind blade Level 1
Causes a blade of wind to cut into opponent and can knock back. Causes moderate damage. Can be used while levitate is active but is weaker when used with the combined move.

Wind tunnel Level 2
Must be used on the the ground. Shoots a large tunnel knocking foes into environmental hazards. If none are present, will just knock back and cause 0 damage.Wind tunnel can effect multiple opponents. Just depends on how strong the character is on how many it does effect.

Tornado Level 3
Summons a gust of whirling wind that sucks the opponent into  the vortex disorienting and causing major damage.

Aero Level 2
A shield of strong wind that deflects projectiles. Has a chance to reflect said projectiles back to opponent effectively reversing attacks. Does nothing to purely physical attacks.

Spells of Canin:
Other Magic Spells

Light Foot Level 3
Gives the caster a slight trek at a walk only for 5 turns. This spell is useful when tracking down prey.

Lion Leap Level 1
Gives the caster a boost when jumping from 12 feet to 16 feet. This spell can only be used one time in an interaction.

Sirius Howl Level 1
Gives the caster an extra long howl and distance when howling up to 2 miles more than average so that messages are passed even at the most needy of times. This is a one-time spell.

Speedy Bullet Level 2
Gives the caster a boost when running. Lasts for 2 turns. There is a 3 turn cooldown before the spell can be used again. Distance is 50 meters per second.

Forget-me-not Level 2
This spell is used against an opponent to make them temporarily forget what they were doing. This in turn, gives the caster an extra turn before the spell wears off. The opponent instantly remembers everything once the casters second turn is used.

Beast Master Level 3
This gives the caster the ability to communicate with animals outside their species such as bears or rabbits. This spell lasts up to 3 days irl.

Call to Arms Level 3
When cast, this spell will bring anyone in the surrounding area you are in to your aid. Unlike Sirius Howl, the call has a smaller radius of 12 miles, yet will bring animals outside your species to help you as well. This spell can only be used once in an interaction.

Poseidons Hand Level 1
Gives the caster a temporary swimming boost so that they can swim faster and more effectively. Lasts for 2 turns.

Ghost Level 2
Temporarily invisible from the opponent, the caster can remain invisible for a max of 3 turns. Spell is breakable after suffering to successfully hits from the opponent. This spell can only be used once in an interaction.

Power Bark Level 1
Like a regular bark but with a throw-back effect, Power Bark will stun your opponent. This Grant's the cast an extra turn if the opponent fails a dodge.

OOC : Noella
MS : 156
Health : 200

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